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Disqualify: Runners found to have interchanged their running number bib and bib tag with others, will be disqualified from the competition. Such runners shall not be entitled to any timing or prize money (where applicable).

Not Refundable & Transferable: Once registration is completed, entry fees cannot be refundable and transferable from one person to another person or future events and a refund is not possible under any circumstances.

Note: There will be five checking points, at every point official would note down your position in the race and activities of yours with the subordinate athlete.


Event name: Under 16
Applicant fulfilling the minimum age eligibility – (Born before 10.06.2007)

Event name: 10K and 3K

Applicant fulfilling the minimum age eligibility

completed 16years of age (born on or before 10.06.2007)
completed 35 years of age (born on or before10.06.1988)
completed 45 years of age (born on or before10.06.1978)
completed 50years of age (born on or before 10.06. 1973)

Event name: 3K Majja Run

Applicant fulfilling the minimum age eligibility – completed 12 years of age (born on or before 10.06.2011)

Prize money will be distributed in Indian rupees only. All prizes are equal for both Men and Women and based on Gun time. Prize winners declared may be required to submit further proof of their identity/age, as may be required.

The Majja Run category is a participative, fun run. Being a non-timed category, finish timings of participants will not be captured, timing certificates will not be issued for this category and note that there is no cash prize for this category. All finishers of the Majja Run will get only the finisher medal and certificate.

Registration End Date
Sunday, 4th June 2023, 11.59 PM IST or as soon as the running places are filled, whichever is earlier.

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